Grant Cornish is currently the Chief Audio Engineer at the music and sound company Endless Noise in Santa Monica.  He is also a composer and sound designer and has had the privilege of working on several award-winning television, commercial and music projects. From Emmy-nominated series to Clios and Cannes Lions to Platinum and Gold selling albums, Grant has had the opportunity to be part of an amazing music team.


Selected TV/ Film Credits

  • Amazon Studios- “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”- Composer, Music Engineer
  • Amazon Studios- “The Stinky and Dirty Show”; Music Production, Mixing/ Mastering
  • Sesame Studios- “Lili and Torto’s Opposite Show”- Re-recording Mixer, Music Engineer
  • Squinkies- “Squinkies ‘Do Drops”- Re-recording Mixer, Music Engineer
  • “It Happened Here” 2014 Documentary- Re-recording Mixer, Music Engineer

Selected Music Credits:

  • Pentatonix- “That’s Christmas to Me”; Mixing Engineer
  • Pentatonix- “Light In the Hallway”; Mixing Engineer
  • Pentatonix- “Take Me Home”; Mixing Engineer
  • Pentatonix- “Silent Night” (live version); Recording/ Mixing Engineer
  • Kevin “K.O.”Olusola- “Renegade EP”; Recording/ Production/ Mixing/ Mastering
  • Sophie Strauss- “Yeah No Fine”; Recording/ Production/ Mixing/ Mastering
  • Ruut- “Untold Stories”; Recording/ Production/ Mixing/ Mastering

Selected Viral Credits:

  • Andy Rehfeldt- “Mary Poppins Sings Death Metal”
  • Rob Cantor: “Shia LaBeouf Live”
  • Pentatonix- “Beyonce’ Medley”
  • Andy Rehfeldt- “Spock Sings Reggae: Bitter Dreads”
  • Pentatonix- “Evolution of Music”
  • Pentatonix- “Happy”
  • Pentatonix- “Pusher Love Girl”
  • SuperFruit- “Frozen Medley”
  • SuperFruit- “Wicked: Defying Gravity”
  • SuperFruit- “Beyonce’ Medley”
  • Kevin Olusola- “Heart Attack”
  • Kevin Olusola- “Mirrors”
  • Kevin Olusola, Scott Hoying, Kina Grannis- “A-Team”
  • Scott Hoying- “All of Me”
  • Scott Hoying- “Wake me Up”
  • Mitch Grassi- “Graveyard”
  • Tori Kelly & SuperFruit- “Mash-up Game”

Selected Commercial Credits:

  • Craftsman “Symphony”
  • Lucky Charms “Pentatonix”
  • Norfolk Southern “What’s Your Function?”
  • Nickelodeon “Nabi Jr.”
  • Hyundai “Don’t Tell”
  • Head and Shoulders “Virtuoso”
  • Hyundai “Restaurante”
  • Hyundai”Why”
  • VW “The Bark Side”
  • Samsung “Beckham plays Ode to Joy”
  • Honey Nut Cheerios “Fright Museum”
  • Hyundai “Cheetah”
  • Hyundai “ThinkFast”
  • Hyundai “Victory Lap”
  • Trix “TaskForce”
  • Hinode “Downward Facing Dog”
  • Hinode “Honk”
  • Hinode “Runners”
  • Trix “Janitor”
  • Trix “Cooler Guy”
  • Cisco “Jabber”
  • HTC “Concrete Jungle”
  • HTC “Self Portrait”
  • Hyundai “One Less Battery”
  • Honey-Nut Cheerios “Honey Highway”
  • VW Passat “Rocketman”
  • Folger’s Coffee “Dance Class”

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