Grant Cornish is currently the head Audio Engineer at the music and sound company Endless Noise in Santa Monica, California.  While at Endless Noise, he has earned several awards in both the music and advertising industries, from Clios to Cannes Lions to Platinum and Gold selling albums.



Selected Music Credits:

  • Pentatonix- “That’s Christmas to Me”; Mixing Engineer
  • Pentatonix- “Light In the Hallway”; Mixing Engineer
  • Pentatonix- “Take Me Home”; Mixing Engineer
  • Pentatonix- “Silent Night” (live version); Recording/ Mixing Engineer
  • Kevin “K.O.”Olusola- “Renegade EP”; Recording/ Production/ Mixing/ Mastering
  • Sophie Strauss- “Yeah No Fine”; Recording/ Production/ Mixing/ Mastering
  • Ruut- “Untold Stories”; Recording/ Production/ Mixing/ Mastering

Selected Viral Credits:

  • Andy Rehfeldt- “Mary Poppins Sings Death Metal”
  • Rob Cantor: “Shia LaBeouf Live”
  • Pentatonix- “Beyonce’ Medley”
  • Andy Rehfeldt- “Spock Sings Reggae: Bitter Dreads”
  • Pentatonix- “Evolution of Music”
  • Pentatonix- “Happy”
  • Pentatonix- “Pusher Love Girl”
  • SuperFruit- “Frozen Medley”
  • SuperFruit- “Wicked: Defying Gravity”
  • SuperFruit- “Beyonce’ Medley”
  • Kevin Olusola- “Heart Attack”
  • Kevin Olusola- “Mirrors”
  • Kevin Olusola, Scott Hoying, Kina Grannis- “A-Team”
  • Scott Hoying- “All of Me”
  • Scott Hoying- “Wake me Up”
  • Mitch Grassi- “Graveyard”
  • Tori Kelly & SuperFruit- “Mash-up Game”

Selected TV/ Film Credits

  • “Lili and Torto’s Opposite Show”- Re-recording Mixer, Music Engineer
  • “Squinkies ‘Do Drops”- Re-recording Mixer, Music Engineer
  • “It Happened Here”- Re-recording Mixer, Music Engineer

Selected Commercial Credits:

  • Craftsman “Symphony”
  • Lucky Charms “Pentatonix”
  • Norfolk Southern “What’s Your Function?”
  • Nickelodeon “Nabi Jr.”
  • Hyundai “Don’t Tell”
  • Head and Shoulders “Virtuoso”
  • Hyundai “Restaurante”
  • Hyundai”Why”
  • VW “The Bark Side”
  • Samsung “Beckham plays Ode to Joy”
  • Honey Nut Cheerios “Fright Museum”
  • Hyundai “Cheetah”
  • Hyundai “ThinkFast”
  • Hyundai “Victory Lap”
  • Trix “TaskForce”
  • Hinode “Downward Facing Dog”
  • Hinode “Honk”
  • Hinode “Runners”
  • Trix “Janitor”
  • Trix “Cooler Guy”
  • Cisco “Jabber”
  • HTC “Concrete Jungle”
  • HTC “Self Portrait”
  • Hyundai “One Less Battery”
  • Honey-Nut Cheerios “Honey Highway”
  • VW Passat “Rocketman”
  • Folger’s Coffee “Dance Class”

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